Welcome to KLM Search Services

Founded in 1991, we provide Law Firms, Medical Centers, Private Investigators and other Service Bureaus in New York and New Jersey an array of services; including Vehicle Insurance Records, Registration Records, Driver Records, Vehicle Owner Records, Police and Motorist Accident Reports, Skip Tracing (People Locate), and many other services. Located within 15 minutes of the New York State DMV.


How We Treat Clients

We consult with our clients to determine their specific needs. 

We treat our clients with courtesy and respect.

All service results are confidential and are not shared with anyone else.

What Makes Us Different

We invoice monthly, versus on a per search basis as our competitors usually do.

We provide 30 days to pay invoices (competitors usually add a late fee after 15 days).

We do not require prepayment or escrow; and invoice after the fact.

Your first order opens your account.

What We Offer

Cost effective. timely solutions to your information needs. We do all the work.